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Suubi Vulnerable Children and Women is a community based – non governmental organization based in Uganda – Busoga Region. The organization established in 2018 has been helping to improve the lives of children especially orphans and vulnerable women in Africa through education, outreaches, health and sanitation as well as skills development. We believe in building a brighter future by investing in the children, the people and communities that they live in. We are committed to empowering the future generation.


Assist us in improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Charity organizations can work but need your support, Suubi is on ground in Uganda the nation with the world’s youngest generation. Actions are required and you can help us by donating now. You can be a drop in an ocean with various materials and ways to impact the life of the Ugandan people, especially the children.



The motto “Education is the Key” is true because it opens the way to opportunities , knowledge and life skills for sustainability. Promotion of both formal and informal (vocational) education is key for the young generation in securing a better future.


The government has tried to provide free medical services; still not all services are free or affordable! Secondly, the remoteness of the people in our communities also limits access to the least of these services. Therefore, there is need to extend and expand healthcare service delivery to all people and the use of technology to provide things like telemedicine.


The good message of Urbanization is causing diverse development activities like infrastructures reducing farming space. This affects food production, and causes desertation yet the rural communities have lived a peasantry life. So the need to promote agriculture and the message of food security is eminent to avoid hunger and loss of life.

Issue Areas of our Organisation

Suubi strives to assert these four point programmes as mentioned below; in the effort to improving the welfare of the homeless and destitute by providing welfare, health needs, education and other basic requirements to over 800 children at the center,located at Bulubandi Village while also striving for the rights of helpless women in our community




The children go to the near by primary schools for education and while others are sent to boarding schools. Educating them is however a big challenge since we operate on limited funds and henceforth education deems expensive for the center.


HIV/AIDS and Awareness

HIV/Aids prevalence is still high though the level of sensitization has increased. In a nutshell, the level of prevalence among children is increasing. This is as a result of increased children involved in sex trade for a living, mother to child infections, low sensitization among children since it is a taboo to carry out sex education among children, etc. This has resulted into increased dropouts from schools as children drop out to look after their sick relatives, increased HIV/Aids infection and death among children, etc.



Suubi extends small loans to members who are these widows or single mothers inform of Individual and Group Loans with little or no interest to start income generating ventures like retail shops, shoe making, Agriculutre, crafts while their savings are used to expand.


Volunteer Orpotunitites

Suubi recruits both local and international volunteers to work hand in hand with the organization, share and exchange knowledge and ideas and perform specific tasks to achieve the set objectives. We recruit Volunteers who can participate fully in Children�s welfare and health and also counselors, and also in empowering women for self sustainability

Latest Event

Closure of Schools in Uganda due to Corona Virus

Currently because of the corona virus, there is unplanned closure of schools in the country; The presidential directive to close education institutions for 32 days to slow the spread of corona virus, will see the term extended in case the situation normalizes.
Government therefore advised that schools and parents can  find ways of keeping their learners busy during this period through online and televised learning programmes , home works and other methods. As Suubi our children are being affected for lack of modern learning equipments like computers and television sets, but also the scarcity of food and medical supplies in this difficult period.


The Lock Down in Uganda

Currently Uganda’s poor are bearing the brunt of a nationwide shutdown as part of efforts to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak.
President Museveni ordered restrictions on movement of people, including use of public or private vehicles, motorcycles, and directed closure of all shopping malls, arcades, hardware shops, all non-food stores, saloons, lodges and garages for 14 days, to roll back the spread of COVID-19.
Since More than 21% of Ugandans live in poverty, this section of people will become even poorer in the face of this disaster. As an organisation, we need provisions in form of food, and other relief supplies to extend to our members who are being affected because of this ongoing worldwide pandemic. So your support is highly needed.



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